Metadata Unit


Metadata Unit Staff

Library Associate 2, Bilingual Metadata Specialist

Rose Echeguren, MLIS

Rose is responsible for creating and improving metadata descriptions for the libraries' diverse collections in Spanish and English, ensuring optimal user access, and upholding data accuracy and consistency within the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) and collaborative projects. Furthermore, Rose collaborates with internal team members and external partners to align existing Spanish language materials with new standards, contributing to the development and maintenance of a comprehensive Spanish language thesaurus. The UF Interim Library Facility (ILF), Room 146, Phone: (352) 294-1799.

Library Assistant 2, Metadata Assistant

Pamela Handley

Pam is responsible for performing data entry for metadata within the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). She performs online searches for digital content and reviews the accuracy of images and metadata as well as the quality of materials scanned internally and with vendors. She creates structural metadata and updates descriptive metadata for digital packages. She is responsible for reviewing digital images for privacy concerns. The UF Interim Library Facility (ILF), Room 144, Phone 352-273-2593.

Metadata Assistant

Armaan Kalkat

Armaan is responsible for large-scale metadata enhancement and clean-up in the UF Digital Collections (UFDC). He reviews the accuracy and completeness of UFDC records to coordinate metadata improvement efforts within the unit. He also explores emerging technologies to streamline metadata update workflows. The UF Interim Library Facility (ILF), Room 144, Phone: (352) 273-0144

Metadata Librarian, Head, Metadata Unit

Xiaoli Ma, MSI, MA

Xiaoli leads the automation of metadata creation that leverages the latest technology, manages the Metadata Unit, coordinates legacy metadata cleanups, and supports the further development of the UFDC platform with expert knowledge of metadata-related functional requirements. The UF Interim Library Facility (ILF), Room 140, Phone: (352) 273-2542

Metadata Specialist, Library Associate I

Tiffany Schoettker, MLIS

Tiffany is responsible for creating and reviewing descriptive metadata records for digital projects, primarily from the Smathers Libraries and including collaborative projects with partner departments and institutions. She also performs retrospective metadata enhancement on existing metadata records. Using local guidelines and national library standards, she ensures that UF Digital Collections are discoverable and accessible to library patrons. The UF Interim Library Facility (ILF), Room 142, Phone (352) 273-2759

Xiaoli Ma – ORCID

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Xiaoli Ma
Head, Metadata Unit
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Interim Library Facility, Room 146
4040 NE 49th Ave,
Gainesville, FL 32609
PHONE: (352)273-2542